Animal Production

Animal welfare and production methods is a increasing important factor in marketing and Swiss agricultural politics.

Our 120 free range breeding sows produce around 2400 piglets  per year

Already back in 1991 we started a win win partnership with the major Swiss retailer (, based on regional production from breeding, fattening, slaughtering to distribution. Our products are easily identified by the picture of the producer on the packaging. 

Since 2013 we fatten about a ¼ of the born piglets in a free range system all year round. This products is commercialized by via internet.

The dairy operation consists of 80 cows, mainly Brown Swiss. Our milk is processed into fresh and soft cheese by the local dairy company (, we are about to start the building of a new stable to fulfill the new Swiss animal welfare requirements.

All our manure is fermented in a near Biogas Plant. The byproduct of the fermentation is used as natural fertilizer in our fields, this permits  important cost cutting in mineral fertilizer 

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