Crop Production

The cropping surface amounts to around 90 ha ( 400 acres) , The main  part is grown with four crops :hybrid seed corn, potatoes for the pommes chips industry, dryland rice (upland rice) and malting barley for local beer and whiskey production, this allows a good crop rotation and an optimum soil coverage .

The Seed corn production requires a special  techniques, planting of the two crossing partners takes place at different stages to ensure the nicking ( flowering of the male rows when the female rows are ready to be pollinated). The mechanical detasseling (cutting the tassel of the female plants)  is done by specially developed machines. Harvest takes place as soon as physiological maturity is reached thus to prevent hair cuts in the seedlings. Corn pickers harvest the cob as softly as possible. Before drying on the cob, every ear is visually screened for diseases or out of norm characters.  

Climatic conditions in the southern part of Switzerland allow to harvest potatoes before most other regions in the country, our goal is to deliver potatoes to the industry ( )before the end of June.

In collaboration with since 2005 we grow upland rice, depending on rainfall all rice is irrigated. Rice production is well suited  on our farm since the average rainfall in Ticino is around 1800 mm (70”) or more and two canals flow through the farm

 Malting barley sown in spring, in normal years a second crop ( soybeans or grass) can be planted before the end of June.

Since the early nineties a minimum of 10% of the farm acreage is allocated to conservation areas, these consist mainly of pasture, hedges, single trees and wetlands.   

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